Children's Ministry

Children are a vital part of the covenant family of the church. Skyview's Children's Ministry exists to help children, birth through fifth grade, to know Christ and to reach their full potential in Him. We seek to accomplish this vision through K.I.D.S.: Knowing, Involving, Developing, and Serving.

Knowing God and His Word: Nursery and Sunday School, Songs, Catechism

Involving Children in Friendship and Fellowship: Nursery and Sunday School, Worship, Vacation Bible School, Special Events

Developing Gifts: Nursery and Sunday School, Children's Christmas Program

Serving in the Church and Community: Operation Christmas Child, VBS Offering, Christmas Collection

Nursery is available for children under age 2 during Sunday School (9 a.m.) and for children under age 4 during the worship service (10:15 a.m.). During worship, Activity Bags are available in the Narthex for toddlers, and Children's Bulletins are available in the Welcome Center for reading children.

Sunday School for 2 year olds to 5th graders begins at 9 a.m.

For more information, or if you are interested in volunteering with the Children's Ministry, please contact our Children's Ministry leader, Kim Mesa.  In order to foster a safe environment for our children, Skyview volunteers adhere to a Child & Youth Protection Policy (click title to download document). 

Preschool Class: (Ages 2-4 )

Teacher: LuAnne Vander Horst     Helper: Katie Hughes & Rachel Mulder

Group Hands On Curriculum- This curriculum reviews a Bible Story each week while focusing on one Bible point that the children can take home with them and remember. Short songs, hands on games, and play is how this Bible point is brought home. This year we will start with the life of Moses and follow the church calendar with stories about Jesus's Birth at Christmas and Jesus's resurrection at Easter.

Younger Elementary Class: (Kindergarten-2nd Grade) 

Teacher: Kim Mesa     Helper: Kristen Aucott

Jesus Storybook Curriculum- This curriculum follows the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones.  We will be doing the New Testament this year. Our younger Elementary kids are able to review the Bible Stories they learned in our Preschool Sunday School class but dig a little deeper and see how Jesus is connected to every Biblical story.  They will learn all the books of the Bible and short memory verses. This give our kids another good overview of the Bible and God's whole redemptive story.

Older Elementary Class: (3rd Grade-5th Grade) 

Teacher: Sarah Eskestrand     Helper: Diane Farris

"The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New" by Marty Machowski  - A beginning systematic theology book for kids to help them understand who God is and how we as believers relate to Him.  This book is written in beautiful storybook form and filled with corresponding scripture passages for each truth presented. This will be a discussion based class where students will dig into the deep truths of the Bible, using illustrations, anthologies and word pictures found in the book.  Larger portions of scripture memorization will be encouraged. The goal being to help the kids better understand God, the world around them and themselves while preparing them to transition to youth group.