Skyview Ministries

Skyview Presbyterian is a warm and welcoming congregation that provides many opportunities to connect and grow. Our desire is that you would come to view Skyview as your home and our congregation as your family. With the gospel at the center of your relationships, you can develop friendships that will nurture you, hold you accountable, and help fortify you during the storms of life. We desire this for you so that God might be glorified in you while he strengthens you by his Spirit to love and serve.                       (Ephesians 3:14-19)

You will find fellowship in small groups (called LIFE Groups), men’s and women’s groups, activities for our youth and children, church-wide lunches and gatherings, retreats and many other activities, including our worship services. For more details please see the links in the left sidebar of this page or contact the church office for information.

Skyview Committee and Ministry Contacts:
Children’s Ministry: Kim Mesa                                                                                                    Youth Ministry: David Hughes, Gary Aucott                                                                               Sunday School:  LuAnne Vander Horst                                                                                             Nursery: Sarah Wories

Missions Committee: Paul Sauer
Building Operations: Gi Huh, James Bertolucci
Capital Improvements: David Hughes
Grounds: James Bertolucci, Bishop Prince, Billy & Kim Mesa
Audio/Visual: Tim Berglund, Heidi Thomas                                                                         Finance Committee Chair: Paul Sauer                                                                                           Book Keeper: Karin Schamberger                                                                                                    

Women's Ministry Team (WMT): Sarah Eskestrand                                                                     Mercy: Kimberly Jenkins                                                                                                                 Baby Shower Coordinator: Kathleen Vasuez                                                                                 Kitchen: Kathleen Schwinkendorf                                                                             Kitchen/Hospitality: Shirley Heep
Aesthetics: Cheri Lopez, Emily Prince                                                                               Landscaping Aesthetics: Katie Sauer                                                                                 Communion Organizer: Sarah Eskestrand                                                                                   Fellowship Luncheon Organizer: Diane Farris